Graphite coating GLC 130

Graphite coating for ceramic materials and release agent


Product Features 

  • temperature range: up to 1 750 °C
  • ready-for-use paste
  • very good surface adhesion
  • high abrasion resistance
  • very low friction
  • very good oxidation resistance
  • high thermal stability



GLC 130 is an aqueous dispersion based on a special combination of solid lubricants and an additive package subject to the application. After its application, GLC 130 forms a very wear-resistant dry lubricating film on the surface. GLC 130 does not develop any fumes under the influence of temperature and is uncritical to use.


Field of Application:

GLC 130 is suitable for the use on a large number of refractory materials in the steel industry and as release agent in the nonferrous casting industry. GLC 130 is low-friction and reduces the surface porosity of ceramics. The good lubricity, high abrasion and oxidation resistance of GLC 130 increase performance of ceramic slide plates and allow its use as release agent in the casting industry.


Product properties: 






liquid, paste

Temperature range:

up to +1 750o