Brown Fused Alumina

Brown Fused AluminaBrown Fused Alumina

Brown fused alumina, also known as electro-corundum or brown corundum is produced from calcined and coal while gradual fusing in electric-arc furnace of high temperature more than 2000°C.

Brown fused alumina consists almost entirely of aluminium oxide and is almost iron-free. Brown fused alumina is less pure than white fused alumina.

The content of the Al2O3 in varies between 84% and 97%. Brown fused alumina does not contain lead and silica, contain small amounts of TiO2, Fe2O3, CaO and MgO.

Brown fused alumina is used in abrasives, refractory applications and in stone industry, especcialy in polishing and grinding, blasting, processing non-ferrous metals and ceramics, ceramic grinding wheels and abrasive papers and clothes.