Dead Burnt Magnesite


Magnesium oxide (Dead Burnt Magnesite) is one of the most important industrial magnesium compound with its main application in the steel and refractory industry.

Dead Burnt Magnesite is produced in sinter burning process from natural magnesite ore in high temperature kiln at approx. 1400°C - 1800°C. Dead Burnt Magnesite is produced as grains or briquettes.

Dead Burnt Magnesite with high MgO content (up to 93%), is main raw material for basic refractory products and it is widely used for production of shaped and unshaped refractories. The finished products are used in steel making, electric furnace bottom, basic oxygen furnaces or other furnaces, steel coverters, ramming furnace lining, magnesia bricks, hot metal transport and machinery in the cement industry.