Fused Spinel


Fused Spinel (Alumina-Magnesia Spinel) is one of the most resistant refractory compounds.

Fused Spinel is produced from alumina and high purity light-burnt magnesia by fusing in electric arc furnace at approx. 2800°C and next cooled and crushed or milled into the required sizes. Fused Spinel is characterized by thermal chemical stability, high bulk density, good thermal shock resistance, strong resistance to corrosion and anti-detonation.

Fused Spinel is mainly used to produce high purity refractories in both monolithic and brick form, high grade magnesia-alumina bricks, magnesia-alumina castable, sliding nozzles, lining bricks for ladle, slide plates, nozzle blocks and roof bricks. It is the ideal material to replace magnesia-chrome refractories. An addition of fused magnesia-alumina spinel can improve the slag resistance and thermal shock resistance of refractory products.

Fused Spinel is not hazardous.