Tabular Alumina


Tabular alumina is aluminum oxide that has been heated to temperatures appr. 1400°C-1800°C and composed of tabletlike crystals.

Tabular alumina has a lot of small closed pores in individual crystal.  The content of Al2Ois more than 99%.

Tabular alumina has high heat capacity and thermal conductivity as well as exceptional strength and volume stability at high temperatures.

For these reasons, a major use of Tabular alumina is in the in metallurgical, glass, ceramic and petrochemical industries.

Especially Tabular alumina is used in the production of high-quality molded and unformed refractories, the materials used for lining industrial furnaces, in large furnaces and kilns for smelting metals and firing glass, pottery and porcelain, in the manufacture of building bricks, cement and waste incinerator as well.